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7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth

After experiencing a life altering layoff when she was 27 and a new lawyer, Adeola was forced to deal with her six figure debt. Less than three years later she paid off over $70,000 of consumer debt, then, 12 years later paid off over $320,000 on her mortgage. She is now debt free, has a net worth over $1,000,000, and lays out the steps she took to achieve financial freedom in her groundbreaking book, and shows you how you can do the same!

In 7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth Adeola offers inspirational personal stories, and actionable steps that guide you through the financial blueprint she used to attain financial freedom. Now it’s your turn to transform your life with this simple, straight-forward essential handbook that shows you how to:

  • Get into the right mindset so you can take control of your financial life;
  • Prioritize your monthly debt payments so you can pay off your debt faster;
  • Formulate a wealth creation plan that will allow you to live the life that you want;
  • Build life changing wealth that gives you the option to start living your life's purpose;
  • Accumulate funds that allow you to purchase stocks, real estate, and other wealth creating assets;
  • Develop a money management system that sets you up for success;
  • Create your own personalized Debt Repayment Schedule;
  • Find extra money to Supercharge your debt payments;
  • Find extra money to build your emergency fund;
  • Start paying cash for big ticket items;
  • Maintain a debt free lifestyle... and much more.

    Packed with so much financial wisdom and tangible tips,7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth will motivate you to pay off your debt faster, and will help you formulate a personalized plan to attain financial freedom, become financially independent, and live the life that you want to live.


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