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CBC Radio Interview - Talking About Debt


CBC Radio Interview - Talking About Debt

I was recently a guest on CBC Radio and had an opportunity to talk about an extremely important topic - DEBT! I was so grateful that I had an opportunity to share a couple of steps from my Supercharged Debt Repayment Plan (SDRP) with the listeners, and even more grateful to be able to provide some tips to those who are currently struggling financially.  

For those of you who missed the interview - or were simply too smart to get up at the break of dawn to catch the show (the show aired live at 7:20 AM), I have posted a recording of the interview above for you to listen to. I hope you enjoy it! 

Breakdown of Interview

I was on the air for 8 minutes, and had an opportunity to discuss 2 steps from my '7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth' program. Here is a breakdown of the Steps I discussed in the interview:

  • Step 1: Debt Motivation Statement
    • This is the statement you need to create in order to determine why you have decided to embark on the journey to becoming debt-free.
    • This is the most important step in the 7 Step program as it requires you to really focus on what motivates you, and what is driving you to get out of debt.


  • Step 2: Get To Know Your Debt
    • In step 2 you need to face your debt head on, and start figuring out everything you owe.
    • It's in this step that you start gathering your statements, and call each one of your creditors to figure out what you owe.
    • As an added measure you want to pull your credit report to get a full picture of your debt situation.
    • Also, ensure that you add any personal debt that you owe to family or friends on your list of outstanding debt.

Make sure to pick up a copy of my book '7 Steps to Get Out of Debt and Build Wealth' to get access to the remaining steps in the 7 Step program. My book provides you with a blueprint to crush your debt, and also lays out what actions you need to take to begin building life changing wealth.  Learn the strategy that helped me pay off over $70.000 of consumer debt, pay off $320,000 owed on my home, and helped me build life changing wealth. Now it's your turn to transform your financial life! Click on this Link to buy the book, and choose your retailer of choice, or buy the book directly from the website.

CBC Radio Interview Takeaway

If you're currently in debt and don't know where to turn, please know that you are NOT alone! There are so many resources available to help you on your journey to debt-free, so make sure to access every available resource! This was the final takeaway that I offered to the CBC Radio listeners, and it's also the final takeaway that I'm offering to the readers of this blog post.  I could have made the decision to file for bankruptcy, or move ahead with foreclosure proceedings on my home, but I choose instead to follow my 7 Step Debt Repayment Strategy, and ended up paying off over $70,000 of consumer debt in less than 3 years, I paid off my mortgage in 12 years, and I am now teaching others how to do the same. Overcome your current debt situation and get a blueprint to pay off your debt! 

Talk with you soon!

Adeola Omole

Supercharge. Your. Life 




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