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CTV Noon Hour Interview - My Money Story


CTV Interview - Sharing My Money Story

I had the great fortune of being a guest on the CTV Noon Hour Show earlier this month, and was grateful for the opportunity to share my money story with the viewers. The best part about being on the show was knowing that I could potentially be helping others who are currently struggling with their finances and who may be faced with mounting debt. 

For those of you who may not know my money story, this blog post lays out the two most important experiences I encountered in my life that contributed to my current financial situation. Here is a high level overview of my money story, that I fortunately was able to share in my CTV interview.

Layoff Experience In my Twenties

In July of 2001 I was a bright eyed junior lawyer with an exciting legal career ahead of me. I was excited to get called to the Bar and finally begin paying back the mountain of debt that I had accumulated over the years (i.e. student loan debt, student line of credit,...

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