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Mind Map Your Goals

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2018


Hi everyone! The topic of this weeks video blog is "Mind Map Your 2018 Goals." For most people goal setting is a linear exercise whereby you write down your goals on a sheet of paper, and proceed to hit your targets throughout the year. The benefit of Mind Mapping your goals, is that it takes the goals from being one dimensional to being 3D and visual. You can use any size of paper you choose, but I would recommend using poster paper for this exercise.

Enter the year "2018" in the center of the map, and proceed to create different spokes that project outwards from the center of the map. These spokes represent different "themes" in your life. These "themes" will eventually be broken down further into your specific goals. My themes are:

1) Family,

2) Money,

3) Career,

4)Health & Fitness,

5) Mind,

6) Love,

7) Skill Building, and

8) Community.

Make sure to enter 2 or 3 detailed goals under each theme. You can also add images to the mind map that symbolize the goals that you...

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Debt Repayment Mindset

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2018


Hi everyone! The topic of this week's video blog is "Debt Repayment Mindset." This topic is an extension of my last video blog whereby I listed the 5 financial goals that I hope you add to your 2018 goals. When I was on my own personal journey of paying off over $70,000 of consumer debt, I needed to get into the right mindset in order to pay off my debt. I find the debt-repayment process to be 80% mindset and 20% execution.
It was only after I created what I call my Debt Motivation Statement that I truly began effectively paying back my debt, and ultimately paid it ALL off! With the Debt Motivation Statement you need to find that one thing that absolutely gets you revved up and excited when you think about it; it is the reason WHY you are embarking on the debt free journey. Once you find your motivation then you are ready to begin your journey.
Once you find out what motivates you to crush your debt, write it down, then post the statement in a high traffic location in your...

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2018 Financial Goals

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2017


With 2018 just a few days away, it's that time of year to start seriously considering your personal and professional goals. Therefore, the topic of this weeks video blog is my interpretation of the top 5 Financial Goals of 2018.  I hope you're able to incorporate some of these financial goals into your overall 2018 goals. If you want to increase your likelihood of successfully completing these goals, then make sure to write them down, as studies have shown that those who write down their goals significantly accomplish more goals than those who do not write down their goals.

Here are the 5 financial goals I would love you to incorporate into your overall 2018 goals:

(1) Get Out of DEBT - If you have any type of debt, make it your mission to start paying it off in 2018;

(2) INVEST in the Markets - If you haven't already started investing in the markets, it's time to begin investing in the markets, and time to start building your wealth;

(3) Build an EMERGENCY Fund - You...

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Supercharged Financial Strategy

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2017


This week I talk about my Supercharged Financial Strategy, which is a two part strategy that I created after I paid off over $70,000 of consumer debt, in less than 3 years. Here's what the strategy entails:

1) Supercharged Debt Repayment Plan -  the first part of the strategy is the Supercharged Debt Repayment Plan, also known as the SDRP plan, and it entails taking various actions that will help you crush your debt fast;

2) Supercharged Wealth Accumulation Plan - the second part of the strategy is the Supercharged Wealth Accumulation Plan, also known as the SWAP plan, and this plan shows you how to build your wealth in a stealth fashion.

The fundamental premise of the Supercharged Financial Strategy is that it arms you with the tools tricks and actionable steps required to pay off your debt. If you have been struggling to pay back your debt, the Supercharged Financial Strategy arms you with the knowledge you need to annihilate you debt,...

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Trust Yourself

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2017


Hi everyone! The topic of this weeks video blog is "Trust Yourself." In this post I share an experience I had about 10 years ago when I hired an investment adviser to manage my family's money. At the time I was just beginning to invest in individual stocks, but did not trust myself enough to do it all on my own. I proceeded to put my trust in the hands of this investment adviser, and subsequently lost tens of thousands of dollars. I take full responsibility for the loss of funds. However, I realize now that had I just trusted myself enough to invest my own money, I would have avoided losing tens of thousands of dollars. 

Although the situation was hard to endure, I would not have changed any part of this experience.  It is now part of my money story, and I can proudly say that I'm a lot stronger because of what I endured. I believe these types of situations help build your character and resilience, and I attribute some of my current investment success to this...

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Maximize Your Returns

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2017


This week's post is all about Maximizing Your Returns! In a nutshell, when I say Maximizing Your  Returns, I'm using the term to refer to the importance of signing up for company benefits and government benefits that may be available to you. Especially, the importance of participating in programs that give you free money, such as an employer sponsored savings plan, whereby the employer matches your contributions up to a certain percentage.

Employer Sponsored Savings Program/Retirement Program

If you are fortunate enough to have an employer sponsored savings plan or retirement plan, whereby your employer matches your contributions up to a certain percentage, you need to reap the benefits of such a plan. For example, if your employer offers to match your contributions up to a certain percentage, you need to make it your mission to contribute at least up to the matching level that your employer is offering. If your employer matches you 10, 15, or even 25% match, that would...

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Spend Passion Cut Junk

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2017


With Black Friday coming up this week, I decided to make the topic of this weeks post something I call "Spend Passion Cut Junk." This phrase means that you should focus your spending on things that you're passionate about. Spend your money on things that drive you, and things that get you excited. On the other hand, do absolutely everything in your power to cut spending on things that do not matter to you. In other words, stop spending on JUNK!

This concept is rather intuitive, but most people do not make a conscious effort to focus their spending. instead, it is common practice to just buy something because it's on sale. I want to challenge you to ask yourself this question before you buy something simply because it's on sale: "will I still be as excited about this purchase as I am right now in one or two years time?" If the answer is NO, then don't buy it. Instead, spend your money on things that result in you answering YES to that same question.

This is a trick that I...

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Supercharge Your Wealth

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2017


There are many things you can do to reach higher levels of financial success, and also to create greater wealth. However, the one strategy that my husband and I have decided to implement is the strategy called "Supercharge Your Wealth." This strategy has become, hands down, one of the best tools we have ever used to build our wealth, and provide us with a sound financial future."  

Supercharging your wealth involves doing the following thiings:

1.  If you are married or in a committed relationship, you would live off of the income of one of the partners, and would proceed to save the income of the other partner. 

2. If you are single, and are not in a committed relationship, then I recommend that you save anywhere between 30-40-50% of what you earn, and use the remainder of your funds for all your monthly expenses.

3. If you receive a pay raise or bonus from work, I strongly advise that you resist the temptation to increase your lifestyle through...

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Live Your Life For Half The Price

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2017


I have been living by the statement "Live Your Life For Half The Price" for many years now. Full credit for this phrase is given to a woman by the name of Mary Hunt, who wrote a book by the same title. I am grateful to now "Live My Life For Half The Price", and have seen my cash flow improve exponentially by implementing this savings technique.

Here is how the concept of "Live Your Life For Half The Price" works.  You need to start purchasing all your consumable, reusable and non-perishable items for 50%, or close to 50% off the retail price. The 50% rule also works well in regards to purchasing clothes and shoes. By aiming to buy things for 50% off, you will increase your cash flow, and have more money to put towards building your wealth, crushing your debt, and realizing your dreams.

You can live an incredible life by living by the 50% rule. You will enjoy the same luxuries as everyone else around you, but you will have paid half the price that everyone else is...

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Emergency Fund

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2017


An Emergency Fund is a useful tool for everyone to have to deal with the unexpected events that happen in life. My Emergency Fund has come to my rescue more times than once when unexpected events showed up in my life. 

Whether you're faced with a sudden job loss, as I have experienced in my own life; or, your furnace unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of winter, having an Emergency Fund will allow you to get through all of these situations without having to dip into credit cards or other forms of credit.

Many financial experts recommend that you save between three to six months worth of expenses in an Emergency Fund. However, I recommend that you save between eight to twelve months of your expenses in your Emergency Fund. As mentioned previously, my Emergency Fund came to my rescue during what should have been one of the most stressful times of my life. I lost my job when I was three months pregnant; however, I did not divulge the fact that I was pregnant to my...

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